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In a forever changing world it is vital that companies change with the times, therefore the need to ensure that employees are trained and well equipped in ensuring compliance to legislative requirement and company requirements. We strive to continually deliver a service that is cost effective and tailored to the needs of our clients!

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Course Design

Course design is the process and methodology of creating quality learning environments and experiences for students. 

There are three models of course design: subject-centered, learner-centered, and problem-centered design.


Moderation activities are as follows:

  • To verify that assessment is fair, valid, consistent and reliable, and to identify where there is any need for redesigning assessment activities, or for re-assessing learners;
  • To adjust interpretations of standards for the future;
  • To provide a mechanism for handling appealed assessments;
  • To provide feedback on the quality of unit standards.



Assessment is the systematic collection, review and use of information about educational programs to declare a student competent and improve student learning.
Principles of Assessment
  • Assessment will be valid. …
  • Assessment will be reliable. …
  • Assessment will be equitable. …
  • Assessment will be explicit and transparent. …
  • Assessment will support the student learning process. …
  • Assessment will be efficient.

Skills Development Facilitation

Skills development facilitation is the process whereby a Skills Development Facilitator (SDF) analyses, plans, implements and reports on the various Skills Development activities in an organisation.

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